Power wheelchairs

Masterpiece of Empathy.

Based on a perfectly coordinated series with high-quality individual components, electric wheelchair manufacturer DIETZ Power produces highly functional electric wheelchairs which are aligned to country-specific regulations as well as customised designs for individual cases. The individual bespoke manufacture of the components guarantees the perfect adaptability of the wheelchair to all physical and spatial requirements – should the existing comprehensive configuration and settings options not already have made this possible. Every wheelchair produced by DIETZ Power is an unequivocal testimony to the outstanding workmanship of experienced engineers and technicians.


Produced according to strict quality requirements, MINKO satisfies all the demands made of a standard solution in terms of ergonomics, comfort, reliability and safety. It boasts a low seat height, a wide seat adjustment range, powerful drive, large puncture-proof tyres and exceptional manoeuvrability with a spring-suspended chassis.

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