Quality knows no limits.

The DIETZ Rehab team sets itself high standards regarding the quality of our products. Before a rehabilitation aid leaves our company, it is subjected to numerous test stations and application simulations. Only products that really meet all the values specified by our engineers and technicians also meet our high quality standards. In addition to our internal test stations, independent institutes also check our products thoroughly, for example by carrying out wheelchair crash tests. Those who profit from our ambition are without doubt our users, who can always rely on exactly this quality on a daily basis.


As a manufacturer of medical devices, we are certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 for controlled and effectively implemented and monitored quality assurance procedures.

All DIETZ GmbH Rehab products are developed and produced pursuant to the relevant provisions of EC Directives 2007/47/EC & 93/42/EEC or 2006/42/EC.